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Fee Schedule

Alta Vista Credit Union Products & Service Fees

Effective February 3, 2020

Description Dollar Amount
Membership $5.00 

Savings Account Dollar Amount
Low Balance Monthly Service Fee
Youth Accounts Excluded
Saving Balances:
Less than $100 $5.00 per month
$100 to $299 $3.00 per month
$300 to $499 $1.00 per month 
$500 and over FREE

Checking Account Dollar Amount
Prestige Checking $10.00 per month
Prime Checking $6.00 per month
Pro Checking Free
Paper Statements  $5.00
ATM Returned Deposit Item  $32.00
ATM Deposit Correction  $10.00 
Plastic Card Replacement or Additional Card  $10.00 
Bill Payment - Expedited Payment  
       Electronic    $15.00
       Overnight $40.00
Checks (printed by Alta Vista Credit Union Vendor/Partner)   Varies 
Temporary Checks - 4 Checks  $4.00 
Copy of Check
(FREE via Internet24) 
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) or Unavailable Funds  $32.00 
Courtesy Payment of NSF or Unavailable Funds  $32.00 
Regulation 'D' Excess Transaction  $5.00 
Stop Payment on Checks  $32.00 
Stop Payment on Checks via Internet24 or Audio24  $20.00 
Stop Payment on ACH  $32.00 
Stop Payment on Bill Pay Item  $32.00 
Note: Stop payment on checks only, ACH Bill Pay Items cannot be stopped   
Returned Deposit Items  $32.00 

Miscellaneous Services Dollar Amount
Account Research and Subpoenas $30.00 per hour
$10 minimum
Account Verification/Information Letter  $20.00 
Bad Address (returned by USPS)  $5.00 
Certified Check
Checks made payable to party other than primary member or joint owner 
Check Cashing  $5.00 per check
Check or Credit Card Payments by Phone  $15.00 each
DMV Document Transfer/Lien Satisfied $20.00 + DMV Fees 
Dormant Account Fee (over 18 years of age)  $10.00  per quarter
Escheat Notice/Locater $2.00
Express Mail $20.00
Fax Services $1.00 per page
Garnishments and Levies  $100.00 
Notary   $15.00 per signature 
Medallion Signature Guarantee $20.00 per signature
Coin Machine  3% of the amount 
Statement Copy/Account History
(FREE via Internet24)
$5.00 each 
Stop Payment on Lost/Stolen/Destroyed Certified Checks  $35.00 
Wire Transfer (Domestic)  $20.00 
Wire Transfer (International)  $35.00 

Holiday Club Account Dollar Amount
Withdrawal (January 1 - October 31)  $15.00 

Money Market Account Dollar Amount
Premier Money Market
(Monthly $10.00 fee waived with minimum daily balance of $2,000) 
$10.00 per month 
Platinum Money Market
(Monthly $10.00 fee waived with minimum daily balance of $20,000) 
$10.00 per month 

IRA Account Dollar Amount
Maintenance Fee
(Monthly $2.00 fee waived with e-Statements) 
$2.00 per month 
IRA Withdrawal (Excludes RMD)

Alta Vista Credit Union is committed to providing your family with the Credit Union Difference.

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