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Alta Vista makes saving easy, with more options and security.  We are committed to paying you, our member-owners, very competitive rates on your savings-that is, we want to provide you with a better rate of return on comparable instruments than is available from other financial service providers.  Alta Vista has a savings option for you, no matter what your financial objectives-education, a family vacation, home improvement or retirement may be.

Savings Account

A Regular Savings account is available to all members and provides a safe and easy method of saving for the future.

  • Dividends are declared by the board of directors and paid monthly.
  • Dividends are computed on the average daily balance and are earned for each day the account balance is $25 or over.
  • This account provides the most liquidity and flexibility.
  • Unlimited withdrawals when performed by a teller at an Alta Vista branch location.
  • Electronic withdrawals are limited to 6 per month (this includes home banking, audio, and scheduled transfers & payments).

Holiday Club Account

Ever feel like you never save enough money for the holidays?  Alta Vista makes it easy to save for the holiday season with a Holiday Club account.  With the convenience of pre-authorized transfers from an Alta Vista checking or savings account, the Holiday Club account just might be the answer for you.

  • Just $10 to open and a $10 monthly deposit to maintain the account.
  • Dividends credited monthly.
  • Holiday club funds are available to you at your convenience from November 1 through December 31. Use Audio 24 to request a check, transfer the funds to your checking account, or visit an Alta Vista branch to withdraw the funds in person--the choice is yours!

Special Savings Account

Planning a vacation or saving for a special event?  No matter what the reason, a Special Savings account can make your saving easier.  With a Special Savings account, you can:

  • Open your account with a minimum $10 deposit
  • Earn interest on your balance
  • Personalize the account so you know exactly what you're saving for
  • Minimum account balance of $500 or additional service (checking account or loan) is required to avoid monthly service charge.

So what are you waiting for?  Start saving for that something special today!  Ask a member service representative how you can open your Special Savings account.  Then watch your money grow.

Alta Vista Credit Union is committed to providing your family with the Credit Union Difference.

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