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VISA Checkcard

The VISA Checkcard is like having your ATM card and your checkbook rolled into one. This card gives you increased convenient access to the money in your Alta Vista accounts.

In addition, you're protected with Verified by VISA.

Worldwide Access

Your VISA Checkcard can be used at any merchant that accepts VISA-more than 12 million merchant locations worldwide. Because of its wide acceptance, you can use your VISA Checkcard to pay for just about anything, just about anywhere: the grocery store, the corner gas station, your favorite department store or restaurant, and much more. For easy record keeping, every purchase will be detailed on your monthly checking account statement.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Your VISA Checkcard is very easy and convenient to use. Simply use it like a VISA card and the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your checking account. With your VISA Checkcard, you'll never have to carry a checkbook or wait for check approval. It's so fast and easy, you'll never want to write another check-decreasing your check printing expenses. And, since the purchases you make with your VISA Checkcard are deducted from your checking account, there are no monthly bills or finance charges. Using the VISA Checkcard will provide you with more detailed information on your statement. You'll be able to see on your statement where you used your card-eliminating the need to remember where you wrote a check.

It's the Better ATM Card

Your VISA Checkcard is so versatile, it can also be used as an ATM card at ATMs worldwide. Use your card at ATMs displaying the CO-OP, Star, Plus, AFFN or VISA logos to get cash, check your account balance, make a deposit, and more.

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