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Drive away with some savings.

Are you thinking about buying a new vehicle but unsure how you’ll be able to afford it? Sounds like you need an auto loan from Alta Vista, the best company of its kind in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, CA.

Your rates will depend on the age of the vehicle and the duration of the loan. Newer vehicles (new and used models ranging from 2015 to 2019), and shorter terms (48 months) have the lowest rates, while classic autos (at least 20 years old) and long-term loans (up to 84 months) have the highest.  

But whatever vehicle and repayment term you choose, you can rest assured you’re getting the best auto loan in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, CA.

We Give You Options and Convenience.

Throughout the entire auto loan process, we offer you flexibility. Our rates and terms are unbeatable, and our application process is always open. You can apply by phone, or online on your own schedule, 24/7.

Apply today!

Take Advantage of Our Car Buying Service.

The whole point of taking out an auto loan is to get a car, and we make this part of the process easy, too. Our car buying service is made possible by our partner, Autoland, and makes vehicles, both new and used, as well as trade-ins, available to you. Search by make or type, and get the vehicle of your dreams with the help of an auto loan from us. Curious about the value of new and used vehicles? Search here and find out.

We Offer Debt Protection.

If you take out a loan with us, you’ll have the option of entering into a debt protection agreement anytime during the loan, though for maximum protection it’s best to enroll when the loan is first financed.

Our debt protection makes it possible for the principal and/or interest of your debt to be canceled, postponed, or suspended, up to the benefit maximum, in the event that you: 

●     Become involuntarily unemployed

●     Take unpaid family leave

●     Become disabled

●     Pass Away

This agreement enables you to keep paying your bills and retain your financed assets without damaging your credit rating.

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