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Audio 24

Your account information is just a phone call away.

Audio 24, Alta Vista's voice response system, provides access to your credit union accounts anytime - day or night, seven days a week. Audio 24 is always FREE, and all you need is a touch-tone telephone to use it. Below you will find instructions on how to use Audio 24.

Using Audio 24

Using a touch-tone telephone, call 909.809.3837 or 800.382.8130 from outside the 909 area. Audio 24 will prompt you for all the necessary information. The following is the order in which the service will ask you for information:

  • Enter "1" for English or "2" for Spanish.
  • Enter your member number, followed by the # sign.
  • Enter your access code followed by the # sign (please see Securing Your Funds regarding your access code).
  • Menu Selection
    • Dial 1: Account & Loan Balance Inquiries
    • Dial 2: Payments and Transfers 
    • Dial 3: Account History - Transactions
    • Dial 4: Share or Loan Withdrawal
    • Dial 5: Get Account Information by Email
    • Dial 6: Stop Payments
    • Dial 7: Change your Access Code
    • Dial 8: Get Credit Union Information
    • Dial 9: More Options
    • Dial Zero: Transfer to a Phone Representative (during business hours)

Important Things to Remember

  • Accounts are conveniently labeled as, for example, "1" for Savings, "2" for Checking or "152" for Loans. (Please verify account labels in online banking or call for assistance)
  • Always press # sign after entering your member number, access code, account numbers, transaction amounts and check numbers.
  • When entering a dollar amount, no decimals are needed. You must include cents, even if it is zero. For $100, enter 10000 or for $275.25, enter 27525.
  • Enter "1" to confirm or "2" to cancel a transaction.
  • Press "9" to repeat.
  • Press "*" to return to the previous menu.
  • Press "0" for Credit Union Assistance. (During regular business hours)
  • "Other Accounts" in the menu system refers to non-primary Checking or Savings.

Securing Your Funds

For security reasons, please call or email us, so that we can provide you with your initial access code. The first time you use Audio 24, the system will prompt you to enter a unique access code. Please be sure to choose an access code that is known only to you and those you wish to have access to your funds.

To begin using this convenient, time-saving service or to authorize another member to transfer funds to or from your account using Audio 24, please email the credit union and we will be happy to provide you with an Audio 24 brochure.

Alta Vista Credit Union is committed to providing your family with the Credit Union Difference.

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